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    House passes Ohio budget

    The Ohio House of Representatives passed HB 64 on Wednesday April 22nd by a mostly party line vote 63-35. The legislation builds on a decade of  income tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthiest Ohioans.  The cost of the 6.3% income tax cut is … READ MORE>>


    What is TPP?

    Ohio House Republicans introduced their budget amendments earlier this week, and held three days of public testimony. Many parents, students, and school administrators showed up to testify against the elimination of TPP reimbursements. TPP stands … READ MORE>>

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    Ohio can do Better

    16% of Ohioans are in poverty. Nearly 2 million Ohioans struggle to put food on the table. Tuition is rising, and Paychecks are stagnant. The Ohio House introduced their version of the budget earlier this week and they continue to follow … READ MORE>>