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    Candidates and Taxes

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer asked candidates in Northeast Ohio their opinions on the tax change packages of 2013 and 2014. (READ THEIR ANSWERS HERE).  This is a very important question, because more income tax cuts will likely be one of the largest … READ MORE>>

    erroding road

    Eroding the foundation

    Ohio has cut our state income tax 7 times in 10 years. The foundation of a strong economy continues to be reliable infrastructure, an educated workforce, and safe communities. Tax cuts erode our public investments in things like roads, schools, and … READ MORE>>


    Did you see the numbers?

    Ohio's poverty rate is down to 16.0% for 2013 from 16.3% in 2012. Ohio gained 200 new jobs last month and unemployment stayed the same. More Ohioans have insurance than before, but many Ohioans are still going hungry...and on and on and on. All … READ MORE>>