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    This report tells a story about our state, our people, and how we compare to the country. It shows a hard reality: TOO MANY OHIOANS ARE STRUGGLING. Deep, stubborn inequality clearly exists. To make all Ohioans’ lives better, we’ll need serious … READ MORE>>

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    Lowering tuition, a smart investment for Ohio

    Ohio loses over $3.5 billion a year in revenue after a decade of tax cuts. In return, Ohio students have seen budget cuts and tuition hikes. Since 2000, Ohio has cut state investment per student by more than 43%. While other states have seen a … READ MORE>>

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    Invest to Improve Ohio

    Ohio is a great state, with great people, who can accomplish great things. Sadly, many of our neighbors are struggling to get by. The State of Ohio has the opportunity to do great things - like end hunger in our communities.   HERE ARE … READ MORE>>