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    Did you see the numbers?

    Ohio's poverty rate is down to 16.0% for 2013 from 16.3% in 2012. Ohio gained 200 new jobs last month and unemployment stayed the same. More Ohioans have insurance than before, but many Ohioans are still going hungry...and on and on and on. All … READ MORE>>

    money scales

    Inequality slows state revenues – income tax part of solution

    The Standard & Poor's (S&P) released a report on Sept. 15th highlighting the impact of economic inequality on state revenue. Their findings conclude that state revenue growth has declined in recent years as a result of this inequality. Most … READ MORE>>


    Cuts add up to big impact on local communities

    State decisions impact our local communities. As a result of state budget cuts, many communities have cut hours at rec. centers, reduced police and fire department staff, and cut services for those most in need. The Cincinnati Enquirer (Gannet News) … READ MORE>>