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    What is a Mil anyways?

    All you want to know about property taxes:  Property taxes are a very direct form of democracy in Ohio - asking Ohioans to fund a specific project like our schools, parks, libraries, public safety, social services, or cultural … READ MORE>>

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    News & Notes April 2, 2014

    TAKE ACTION TODAY, AND WRITE YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE! Notes: Local Government officials testified on Tuesday asking the state legislator to restore drastic cuts made during the recession. Governor Kasich continues to think the choice is between … READ MORE>>

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    Tax Cuts Questioned

    Should Ohio's primary goal focus on cutting the top marginal income tax rate (impacting 2-3% of Ohioans), or should we focus on how to build a strong economy with safe neighborhoods, great public schools, and enough jobs for everyone. Newspapers … READ MORE>>